Trichromatic Moiré

by thomasmartinnutt


"...a poetic diagram is not simply a drawing. It may find a way to integrate the hesitations and ambiguities which alone can free us from realism, allow us to dream." Gaston Bachelard

14 artists were asked to respond sonically to a regular, trichromatic moiré without any further instruction. The panorama of actualisations demonstrates the myriad ways in which we might heuristically approach a graphic score.

1. Sarah Hennies (10:55)
2. Shirley Pegna (05:26)
3.Samuel Rodgers (13:00)
4. Ishikawa Ko (05:01)
5. Harriet Butler (07:45)
6. David Lacey (05:56)
7. Joseph Clayton Mills (01:37)
8. Keiko Yamamoto (04:10)

1. Rie Nakajima and Marie Roux (02:06)
2. Ryu Hankil (06:19)
3. Sally Ann McIntyre (08:38)
4. Will Montgomery (10:39)
5. Joseph Clayton Mills (05:09)
6. Tetuzi Akiyama (11:34)

Double album published by the Sonic Art Research Unit.


released April 20, 2020



thomasmartinnutt Japan

Martin is a British artist. He lives and works in Japan.

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